Andy Froncioni





Important notice
Due to unforseen personal circumstances Andy is not able to travel to Europe this Summer. He is realy very sorry for that.
Andy was very helpful in finding a quality replacement and we found that in the person of Xavier Disley. (see his profile under the keynote speakers). Together with Robert Chung Xavier will make a very nice presentation in the session on aerodynamics.

ANDY FRONCIONI,  is Ph.D. in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, and is lead aerodynamicist for Alphamantis Technologies in Montreal. Alphamantis delivers aero testing services via a network of 12 aero test centers worldwide. Andy has been an aerodynamics consultant for Cycling Canada, USA Cycling, Cycling Australia, and the French Cycling Federation since 2011.  His expertise includes performance modelling for team pursuit and individual time-trial, as well as environmental wind effects on cycling performance.