Technology in Cycling Science

Technology in Cycling Science Masterclass

On 28 June a masterclass will be given by Borut Fonda, Daniel Schade and Lotte Kraus

The aim of this master class is to bridge the technology and science of cycling. Advanced diagnostics systems, including force pedals, pressure mapping, 3D kinematics and EMG, will be practically and theoretically presented in a context of cycling analysis. Delegates will have the opportunity to get their hands on the equipment and to learn how this equipment can help optimising cycling performance.

Three parts, each lasting 2 hours and combining both theory and practical, will cover the main aspects of cycling analysis and will discuss how technology fits into research and applied work. This will be for the first time where different companies work hand in hand to integrate several technologies for a complete cycling analysis.

Masterclass Schedule

 Master ClassBorut Fonda, Daniel Schade, Lotte Kraus
09:30Part 1Technology, from innovation to application
11:00Coffee Break
11:20Part 2Bi-lateral (a)symmetries
12:50Lunch Break
13:40Part 3-aInterventions (bike fitting & technique)
15:10Coffee Break
15:30Part 3-bInterventions (bike fitting & technique)

Each ‘Technology in Cycling Science’ delegate will receive:
– A course handbook with detailed lecture notes
– An understanding how the technology presented works
– Hands on experiences using the technology for cycling analysis

The course will suit sport scientists, physiotherapists, coaches, bike fitters, exercise physiologists, and bike shop owners.

About the instructors

Dr Fonda holds an undergrad degree in sports training and a master degree in kinesiology. He obtained his PhD at the University of Birmingham, in the UK. He is a former semi-professional cyclists and is known to successfully translate scientific knowledge into an applied setting and vice versa. After his undergrad degree he started working with several cyclists in the field of training, biomechanics and recovery. He upgraded his knowledge during his master study at the University of Primorska and his doctoral study at the University of Birmingham, where he focused on motor control and biomechanics of cycling. Some of his research in the field of cycling biomechanics became a standard for thousands of bike fitting experts worldwide. He received numerous scientific awards for exceptional scientific achievements and is an author of two patents and over 50 scientific publications. He is also the program director at Cycling Science, Ltd., a high-tech company that develops innovative technology used for cycling biomechanics.

Daniel Schade is involved in moving sports biomechanics forwards for more than 15 years now. After graduating in Sports Science from the University of Münster and writing his final thesis on the Analysis of Saddle Pressure Mapping on Custom Saddles, he co-founded the cycling biomechanics brand ‘gebioMized’. Since then, he works as biomechanical researcher and develops sports analysis technology, such as pressure mapping, motion capturing and force analysis tools. His focus is on cycling and he is a Cycling Analyst/ Next-Level Bikefitter with more than ten years of fitting experience. Daniel uses his expertise when providing biomechanical support to several Pro-Tour teams, such as Trek-Segafredo, Movistar, Trek Factory Racing, Katusha or HTC Highroad. Furthermore, he is a committee member of the International Bikefitting Institute (IBFI). Apart from cycling, Daniel has also ventured into other disciplines when analysing the biomechanics of running or XC skiing, providing jumping force diagnostics for athletes in volleyball or football and measuring the force distribution in rowing.

Lotte Kraus holds a master degree in physiotherapy and several international certificates in physical therapy. Focusing on network based treatment strategies for recreational and pro teams and athletes she upgraded her knowledge during her master degree at the Danube University Krems (A). Her main focus since 2010 is on professional fitting services in cycling and education strategies. Meanwhile finishing the Master Thesis about the Evaluation of the center of pressure in saddle pressure mapping in cycling she installed bikefitting laboratories in Germany and Spain. As a biomechanical researcher she is focussing on evaluating athletic managements and fitting decisions with advanced technology. Since 2013 Lotte is improving evidence based knowledge of fitters all over the world with International School on Cycling Analysis (ISCO) classes. Next to that Lotte is well known as specialist for bikefitting and gender specific views in national and international publications and supports several world tour cyclists and female world tour team Cervelo Bigla in 2016. Furthermore Lotte is committee member of the Design and Innovation Award (DIA) with the aim to add ergonomic perspectives and objective data on ratings of future orientated potential of bike geometries and components in cycling.
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