Book offers

Science & Cycling created a cooperation with Human Kinetics Europe. Human Kinetics will grant bookshop vouchers, which will be raffled among the particpants of the conference.

Furthermore some titles will be available for the participants at a discount.

Please not you cannot pre-order books anymore. We will have some copies available onsite

Your benefits
– Discount on the books (appr. 10%)
– No postage costs
– Books will be handed over to you when picking up your badge in Caen.

Available titles

ISBNTitleRegular PriceYour Price
9781450432153Endurance Sports Nutrition (3rd Edition)
Suzanne Gerard Eberle
€ 28,90€ 25,00
9780736079457Performance Nutrition
Krista Austin, Bob Seebohar
€ 33,40€ 30,00
9780736052955 Sports Nutrition for Health and Performance
Melinda Manore, Nanna Meyer, Janice Thompson
€ 110,90€ 99,50
9780736079624 Sports Nutrition (2nd edition)
Asker Jeukendrup, Michael Gleeson
€ 110,90€ 99,50
9780736075879Cycling Anatomy
Shannon Sovndal
€ 25,80€ 22,50
9780736083270Developing Endurance
NSCA, Ben Reuter
€ 25,80€ 22,50
9780736091091Cutting-Edge Cycling
Hunter Allen, Stephen Cheung
€ 24,30€ 21,50
9781450432207Triathletes in Motion
Marc Evans, Jane Cappaert
€ 34,90€ 30,00
9781450421232Pacing, Individual strategies for optimal performance
Kevin Thompson
€ 28,90€ 25,00
9788493997007Endurance Training, Science & Practice
Iñigo Mujika
€ 124,80€ 85,00