Paul Laursen

Paul laursen
PAUL LAURSEN, wears a number of hats in the field of applied sport science. His primary role involves leading the Performance Physiology team at High Performance Sport New Zealand, which services the targetted sports of New Zealand. In addition, Paul is the Performance Scientist assigned to the coaches and support team of Triathlon New Zealand. His secondary role is as an Adjunct Professor at AUT University, where he is involved in PhD supervision of applied research projects conducted by practitioners immersed within the country’s targeted national sporting organisations. His research interests focus on methods of maximizing performance, and include training program design, thermoregulation, hydration, diet and substrate use during exercise, recovery, pacing, fatigue and heart rate variability, with more than 100 refereed manuscripts arising from this work. Finally, he is a coach to a number of professional endurance athletes. He lives in the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand with wife and young daughter, and in his spare time enjoys training and competing in the Ironman triathlon.