Keynote & Special Presentations

Keynote Presentations

Chris AbbissEdith Cowan UniversityOptimisation of Pacing within Cycling
Robert ChungScience from the lab to the road
Curtis CramblettRevolution in FitnessUnpacking Lower Extremity Cycling Disorders: Moving from a practitioner to the wellness team and from the knee to an integrated body
Damien DavenneUniversity of Normandy CaenBiological circadian fluctuations and cycling performances
Xavier DisleyAerocoachIntegrative Aerodynamics and Biomechanics
Frédéric GrappeFDJ Pro Cycling TeamPositive-negative response model of exercise on performance
Andrew LaneUniversity of WolverhamptonUsing emotions to generate energy
Paul LaursenHigh Performance Sport New ZealandHigh-intensity interval training: solutions to the programming puzzle
Romain MeeusenVrije Universiteit BrusselThe Brain and Performance – its all neurochemistry
Luc van LoonMaastricht University Medical CenterNutrition & Muscle Reconditioning

Special Presentations
Max GlaskinFreelance JournalistSelling science and cycling to the media - the terrible truth
Alejandro Gonzalez-TablasUCI World Cycling CentreStandardising a WCC protocol for the Globalised testing of young athletes from developing nations
Marc QuodOrica Greenedge Cycling Team
Mark GreveBrown UniversityCompetitive Cycling Injury Dynamics, Patterns and Interventions
Judith HaudumBMC Racing Team (Nutrition)Nutritional approach in relation to sleep and travel