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cyclus2 logo rgbThe Cyclus2 is an innovative state-of-the-art cycling ergometer packed with electronic and IT solutions, comprising of standardized performance tests, isokinetic mode, lateral oscillation, and training- and programming applications. Due to its versatility, functionality and user-friendliness it is used by sports scientists, high performance centres, coaches and top-class cyclists worldwide.

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cycling scienceCycling Science Ltd is a high-tech company that specialises in the development of innovative cycling biomechanics solutions. The unique product is a system that has capabilities to synchronically record forces and moments applied to the pedals in all three planes with a simultaneous 3 dimensional kinematics of the lower limb. The system can be used in everyday practice for bike fittings, assessments of the pedalling technique and injury prevention.
bodycap logoBodyCap develops and industrialises miniaturised sensors to capture physiological parameters.
The company is made up of engineers and health scientists whose complementary skills meet the needs
of health, medical and research fields. Its first product dedicated to Sport performance enhancement is called e-Celsius Performance®. This device is an ingestible pill that continuously monitors , records, and wirelessly transmits core body temperature.
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The POWERbreathe brand has established a positive reputation internationally for being the market leader in delivering: Innovative & Gold Standard - Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) & other Better Breathing devices that are proving to be very beneficial for: Time Efficient & Effective Performance Training; Monitoring; Testing & Research in Sports Science & Human Performance. An example of a “must-have” POWERbreathe device is the:

POWERbreathe K5 with Breathe-Link S/w - a “Gold Standard” device, increasingly used by Researchers, Olympians, World Champions, Serious Athletes & Active people who recognise the benefits of Better Breathing to deliver Better Performance & Recovery.

In addition, at the 2016 Science in Cycling Conference & Expo, the latest POWERbreathe Altitude Systems (PBAS) project information will be presented, including the launch of the new, portable & very affordable PBAS High Performance: 2 user Mask based unit, which can also power the single & double PBAS Cycle Inflatable.

PBAS has installed the largest altitude simulation system in the UK @ the Strength & Conditioning room of a 6 Nations Championship Winning Rugby, plus has recently delivered PBAS inflatables to Centres of Excellence in Brazil. In addition, h/p/cosmos chose PBAS as their Exclusive Global Partner to support the increasing demand for Altitude Simulation Environments whilst being tested or training on a h/p/cosmos treadmill.

PBAS offers the most comprehensive, versatile & affordable product range available. PBAS utilize newly developed leading edge technology within the PBAS - Mask Based Systems; Portable Inflatable Systems & Semi-Permanent Modular Rooms. PBAS can be installed into existing unused or underutilized space.
logo akernAkern is a leading company in the field of human body composition analysis.
Thanks to a close cooperation with major medical societies, universities and research centres, Akern has developed a wide range of ultra-sensitive bioelectrical markers for body hydration, nutritional status, recovery and performance.
Applications range from Clinical Nurition to Sports Medicine, Cardiology...


Logo_gebioMized_2011The company GeBioM is active in the field of biomechanics for more than fifteen years. Originating from the School of Sports Science of Münster University, GeBioM is a competent partner for sport scientific problems.
We incorporated our experiences in biomechanics in the development of all gebioMized products.

Logo SENSIX CouleurSensix developed I-CrankSet : a specific product which precision and compatibility with standard clipless systems makes it an indispensable cycling evaluation tool.
I-CrankSet is a state-of-the-art set of pedals instrumented with 6-component force-torque sensors that allows the improvement of a cyclist movement strategy. This product is the result from researches on pedaling and more particularly the study of high precision instrumentation essential for analysis. Indeed, the measure of force and torque exerted on the pedals has become indispensable in the ergocycle test analysis. This measurement quantifies pedaling technique of the cyclist in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and symmetry of action between the lower right limb and left limb.
ithlete logo_TRPContrary to popular belief the human heart doesn’t beat like a metronome. The time gap between individual heartbeats is known as heart rate variability (HRV) and is an accurate indication of your level of stress and recovery. By monitoring your HRV regularly you can improve the effectiveness of your training and overall health.
ithlete is the leading scientifically validated HRV mobile app, and teamed with our exclusive Finger Sensor offers the most convenient and intuitive tool available. Used by over 20,000 customers including professional teams and researchers, ithlete delivers the information you need to improve both your health and fitness.

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